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2020 09 ak9906 strut bolts

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Chain Guards Enclosed Chain Parts. Inner Tubes Tires Wheels. Windshield Hardware. Ladies Mens. Patches Pins Stickers. April 17, USPS Priority Mail's 2- and 3-day service commitments now will be extended to 3 and 4 days respectively. Dyna FXD Models.The Escape is equipped with a MacPherson strut-type front suspension. This type of suspension incorporates the shock absorber, or strut, and coil spring into one assembly. In order to replace the strut, the entire assembly must be removed from the vehicle.

Park the Escape on a level, paved surface. Set the parking brake. Loosen the lug nuts on the front wheels. Raise the front of the Escape with a jack and support it with jack stands. Finish removing the lug nuts and remove the wheels. Use a ratchet and socket to remove the bolts from the bracket that attaches the brake line to the strut and the bracket that attaches the ABS wire to the strut.

How to Replace Shocks \u0026 Struts on a Acura RDX

Remove the bolt that attaches the stabilizer bar link rod to the strut. Use a wrench and ratchet socket to remove the nuts from the two bolts at the bottom of the strut that attach it to the steering knuckle. Use a hammer and punch to tap out the two bolts. Push the bottom of the strut away from the steering knuckle. Run a piece of wire through one of the bolt holes on the steering knuckle and tie it to the lower control arm to prevent the steering knuckle, which has the rotor and brake caliper on it, from falling outwards.

Move to the engine compartment. Paint the top of one of the four studs that hold the top of the strut onto the body with some correction fluid, and paint a mark on the metal mounting plate and the body next to the stud. When you put the new strut back in, you will want to line these marks up. Use a ratchet and socket to remove the nuts from the four studs that mount the strut to the body.

Remove the strut out through the fender well. Mount the spring compressor on the coil spring, making sure the hooks on the compressor have a good grip on the coils. The compressor is actually two parts, consisting of two threaded rods with hooks at each end that fit over the coils.

One rod goes on each side of the coil. Then with a hook at the top and bottom of the coil, turn the threaded rod to draw the two books together, compressing the coil. Turn each rod little bit at a time to evenly compress the coil. Compress the coil until it is no longer touching the spring seats. Place a wrench on the nut on top of the strut rod.Skip to content. Over time, suspension components can wear down due to deterioration, high heat, and weather conditions, and if left unchecked, damaged shocks or struts can negatively impact the ride quality and safety of the vehicle.

If you notice cupping wear on the tires, bottoming out, excessive bouncing when driving on rough roads, or increased braking time, you may need a shock or strut replacement.

Show More Show Less. Shocks and Struts Brands. O'Reilly Auto Parts offers the best brands of shock and struts to keep your ride comfortable and safe. MasterPro Strut Assemblies. You Might Also Need. After you have identified the correct shock or strut replacement part, check out our selection of shock, strut, and suspension parts, accessories, and tools to finish your repair.

Shock and Strut Tools. Ball Joints. Ball Joint Press and Tools.

2020 09 ak9906 strut bolts

Control Arms. With high heat and constant use, the shocks or struts on a vehicle may wear out. If you notice damage to the hydraulic shaft, or gas or oil leaking from either the shock or strut, or if you experience bottoming out, excessive bouncing, an increased braking time, or see cupping wear on the tires, you may need to replace your shock absorbers or strut assembly.

Shocks and struts are often replaced in pairs, since they will likely wear out around the same time. Shock boots protect the piston rod from road debris, dirt, and contaminants to prolong the life of shocks. Strut bellows are a rubber boot designed to protect the strut shaft through its full range of motion, which prevents premature failure and damage to seals and corrosion on the strut shaft.

Strut bumpers, or a jounce bumper, prevent the strut from coming in contact with other parts of the suspension system, and heavily dampens noise and impact from driving over rough roads, curbs, or potholes.Torque specifications for parts on a Toyota Camry can depend on a number of factors, including engine type and the manufacturer of the parts.

The model year of the car can also make a difference. Torque specifications of each component's fasteners are vital to the stability of the engine and frame. The oil pan under the car is mounted with bolts tightened to around 80 inch-pounds. The pan that contains the automatic transmission fluid is mounted with its bolts tightened to approximately 69 inch-pounds; the drain plug is tightened to 35 to 36 foot-pounds.

A manual transmission does not have a pan but the drain and fill plugs have the same torque as the drain plug on the automatic. As a general rule, a four-cylinder engine requires more torque than a V The throttle body is mounted to a torque of less than inch-pounds for a V-6 engine or 20 to 22 foot-pounds for a four-cylinder.

The fuel rail is usually mounted at a torque of 84 to inch-pounds. The spark plugs torque from inch-pounds to 20 foot-pounds.

The intake manifold typically requires from inch-pounds to 22 foot-pounds, while the exhaust manifold nuts and bolts are from 27 to 36 foot-pounds. The brake calipers are often mounted at a torque of 25 foot-pounds, while the torque plate bolts are about 79 foot-pounds for the front brakes and 34 to 46 foot-pounds for the rear.

The brake hoses connect to the caliper with a banjo bolt at a torque of about 22 foot-pounds. Most bolts fastening the ball joints to the steering knuckles and control arms require a torque of just over 90 foot-pounds.

2020 09 ak9906 strut bolts

The struts have upper mounting nuts tightened to 30 rear struts or 60 front foot-pounds; the bolts connecting it to the steering knuckle are around foot-pounds and the damper shaft nut is around 35 foot-pounds. The stabilizer bar connects to the strut with a link whose bolts have a torque of 30 rear to 55 front foot-pounds. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. Brakes The brake calipers are often mounted at a torque of 25 foot-pounds, while the torque plate bolts are about 79 foot-pounds for the front brakes and 34 to 46 foot-pounds for the rear. Suspension Most bolts fastening the ball joints to the steering knuckles and control arms require a torque of just over 90 foot-pounds.New pictures reveal a central strut on the Auckland Harbour Bridge bent out of shape and twisted after Friday's truck crash.

Strong winds lashed the City of Sails on Friday, toppling a medium-sized truck heading northbound on the Auckland Harbour Bridge and blowing a southbound truck onto a tilt.

1979-20 Ford Mustang Wheel Offset Guide

But it left damage to a steel strut which has forced four lanes on the bridge to be closed while repairs occur. New photos released by the New Zealand Transport Agency on Saturday night show the bolted steel strut "bent out of shape" and twisted in the centre. At the bottom, bolts have been broken away. These bolts have sheared off and left the strut detached at the bottom. The strut helps support the bridge's weight and while the structure isn't going to collapse, NZTA says cars shouldn't be driving down the central lanes.

Engineers are now currently assessing how to repair or replace the strut, while also checking to see if there is damage elsewhere. The sheared end of the damaged strut has been temporarily bolted back on to the bridge.

NZTA general manager transport services Brett Gliddon said on Saturday that a permanent solution could be more than five weeks away. A temporary solution could be found by engineers this weekend, but there's no guarantee of that and it may take a week to implement.

Gliddon described the strut as a "pretty big piece of metal". Because each part of the bridge is unique, he said it isn't feasible to have a spare replacement for each piece. It is pretty big in diameter, so it would be or mm square and it is obviously bolted at the bottom with a big steel plate and bolted at the top.

We have got bolts holding it in place. The NZTA says that while motorists may not be able to see repair work being conducted on the bridge, they can rest assured the agency is doing everything it can to get the lanes back open and that much of the work is happening offsite. Two lanes northbound and two lanes southbound on the bridge's clip-ons remain open, but traffic was horrific for motorists on Saturday.


Those wanting to head into the city or north are being asked to consider using the Western Ring Route or to work from home if possible. Public transport is also available and Auckland Transport is looking at capacity. Withvehicles crossing the bridge each weekday, NZTA says it understands the "economic significance of the Auckland Harbour Bridge to help support the movement of people and freight within the region and throughout the rest of New Zealand".

Gliddon said NZTA has been working on a possible second harbour crossing and that Friday's incident showed the need to have capacity on the network when events like these occur. The National Party announced in July that it wanted to see work start on a second crossing in It believes that would take the form of a road and rail tunnel under the harbour.

The Transport Minister, Labour's Phil Twyford, told Newshub he acknowledges the frustration the delays have caused motorists and that there's "no doubt that Auckland will need a second harbour crossing".

Planning is underway.

Suspension Mounts, Bolts & Nuts

Julie Anne Genter, the Green Party transport spokesperson, said the party has long campaigned for rail to Auckland's North Shore as well as a "comprehensive rapid transit network around the city". Related News. The southbound vehicle hit the bridge's structure but was able to right itself and carry on.

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Your business does not have a physical address attached to it. If you want to get reviews, you must add your address to your business page. How do I add a physical address to my Google page. What is the link to your Google Business page. I will take a lookYes, I have the same problem. I think the cool icons are the icons at the left-hand side such as review, directions, star, upload photo. My page only has share.

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