This excludes the Turbo, and GT3 models, see our other selections for information on these models. These are daily driver engines that revitalize the vehicle, with more power, increased reliability, and longevity. All of this, without compromise.

Cylinder Bore (Scoring)

Put simply, if the activity that you are taking part in requires the use of a helmet for the driver, then the Stage I engine is not developed for your application.

We offer extensive resource materials for vehicle owners following our reconstruction processes. Resource materials include video, charts, timelines, and pages of specific information on the topics of servicing, and driving your Porsche fitted with our engine.

We also supply you with all the documentation from our processes, including photos of the teardown, and assembly, as well as videos of the testing sessions. We have a program for everyone, but we only work with the shops who have been hand- picked by us, after attending one of our hands- on Porsche engine technical classes, offered by www. Yes, shipping is easy, and we will guide you through the process to ensure there are no worries. We have exclusive arrangements made with the best vehicle shippers, and will refer you to them for their services, getting rates that we have negotiated with them.

We have a full support program and resource material set that these installers will follow. We will be live on the phone with them when the engine is started in your car for the first time. In some instances we will use one of our engine dynamometers to test the engine, and verify function prior to shipping to our Certified Installation facility. With this stage of engine reconstruction we upgrade the engine internals, and apply big bore cylinders for added performance.

At this stage of performance we can also utilize stock exhaust systems as well as stock intake arrangements, this allows the engine to remain emissions compliant while enhancing longevity, reliability and performance.

The longevity and reliability enhancements are high on the list of those who want to keep their car forever and are not concerned with monetary investments associated with doing so. The added performance of these engines is simply considered a byproduct of the added efficiency of our hand-assembly and superior components.

LN Engineering Nickies cylinders are utilized in ALL Flat 6 Innovations engines because we developed them, and they solve problems and correctly allow for larger displacements. At this point, displacement is key to increasing useable power and flattening the torque curve for increased drivability and overall performance. Nikasil plating, as used in the Turbo, GT2, and GT3, provides additional horsepower from reduced friction and improved wear characteristics over that of stock cylinder alloys.

It is bigger, faster and stronger, doing everything in a gentlemanlike manner; until the throttle is stabbed. Stage 1 engines retain the OEM fuel economy averages and do not have any drive-ability issues or other negatives due to our modifications. These engines are often driven daily and on long trips. From the outside, no one will ever be able to see or hear the difference of the Flat 6 Innovations engine package, but if you take them for a ride their head will be spinning from the smooth astonishing power and concentration of torque in the mid-RPM-range.

The perfect buyer for a Stage 1 engine is a long term owner that wished to enhance performance, while increasing both reliability, and longevity. Stock sub- systems, like intake, exhaust, and etc are what this engine was developed to be optimized with.

This means having your cake, and eating it too. Your message will be replied to within 24 hours, even on weekends. The Flat 6 Innovations Stage 1 engine was our original engine offering, dating back to the beginning of our program. These engines are hand- built by a single engine builder from our team. No mass production is found here. All Street Performer engines include:.

Typical Displacement Increases for Stage 1 engines are as follows:.The Jalopy Journal. Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. Log in or Sign up. Atomic Industries www. Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. Can anybody give me a ballpark on what it will cost me in materials, and machining if necessary, to rebuild a flathead for my shoebox?

Thanks, -S. The machinist also fully relieved the block and balanced everything on the bottom end, which I would suggest. The main factor for the price is how wild you want the motor to be.

flat 6 innovations rebuild cost

The crazier you get with stroker kits and specialty parts the faster the bill stacks up, as with any motor rebuild.

DrDanoAug 23, The problem now days is finding a shop that will take the job on. Then add the fact that many of the old timer machinists aren't around anymore. Parts; now days they can cost more than the machine work.

Flathead pieces and parts have steadily gone up in price. Even with the bigger number of specialty companies making the parts again.

Silver Bullets from Jake Raby - Focus On: M9X Engine Assembly - Upcoming Jan 2020 on DVD!

Hey, remember they stopped making these 'ole birds almost 50 years ago! I still love 'em!! I have almost in mine. I supplyed the block-heads-intake-heads-lifters-alum. Well now,I supplied a good block and a Merc crank,set of pistons, Jr cam,adjustable lifters,Lincoln valve springs,aluminum timing gear,finned heads and a 2 pot intake.

The engine shop hot tanked and magnafluxed the block,turned the crank and done a bunch of other machining overboring ,put it all together and balanced it. I figure I still got a good deal though! Best part of this build is that we still have an engine shop in town that rebuilds flatheads. There are still a number of old Ford powered grain trucks around here;we're thrifty out here!! My list of parts and pieces looks the same as most of you have listed.

BUT I went a bit "overboard" with a couple of things. Then the tops of the Ross pistons have been Ceramic coated, and the skirts "Dry Lubed" a special coating that stops scuffing but does not add to the dimention French connecting rods, identical dimentions to a Merc or Ford rod Then the crank, rods AND the BLOCK have been stress relieved by a fairly new process called "Meta-Lax" Check it out here. RustyAug 24, Holy crap!!!

I won't be building a flathead anytime soon!!! Yikes, I was thinking about a flathead but I think I will have to put that on hold! Dave, I had no idea you have that much into your flathead. Thats scary! SpotttyAug 24, To remove this ad click here.

FerrariChat - The world's largest Ferrari community. Anyone know Flat 6 Innovations? Oct 6, 2, Louisville, KY. A client of mine bought a used Porsche I can't remember the year but it is a first generation water cooled engine with 48, miles on it.

Long story short he is being told that the engine is ruined because of a "intermixing" issue between the oil and coolant. He was referred to Flat 6 Innovations in GA and they think if he ships the car to then they miht be able to repair the existing engine. Does anyone knw this shop and their reputation?? You can buy a new, rebuilt motor, I think from Motormeister in Cali for 6k. Not sure where they are coming up with the 14k number. Heck, I could be wrong but even if he pulled the motor, put new pistons, jugs and rods, it would not cost that much.

Who did he take it to? Sounds pretty steep. Heck, I think he could hit eBay and pick up a kick as 3. Pingoo Rookie. Oct 13, 7. CharlesE Formula 3. Never heard of them and I'm a P car guy.

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Feb 21, Atlanta, GA. They are reputable and have some good solutions for some of the knows issues in late model Porsche engines. My local dealer recently did some upgrades for me using parts from them.

Aug 2, Full Name: Chris Felber. You must log in or sign up to post here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet.Due to this, the best way to receive information concerning the engines that we offer is to schedule a phone consultation.

To schedule this phone chat or to receive basic information concerning our engine program please submit a ticket in our support system. We offer direct, and very personal interactions with all purchasers, since we are not mass producers of engines.

We have worked at maximum output for more than a decade, and have no intentions of building more engines, or changing our practices to include mass production. The line just gets longer. Our ordering process is a simple, straight forward operation that is carried out professionally, with excellent communication, and full documentation of all services provided.

We promise that you will never wonder where your engine stands and will receive constant updates while we are in-work with your project. We update engine purchasers every two weeks, by schedule with our specialized newsletters.

Our formal proposal covers the entire scope of the engine project, to include costs, transportation, storage, components that will be used, and specific labor practices. Ordering steps:. Submission ticket, stating the year, model, and sub-model of your Porsche Include any issues the engine has experienced, if you plan to track the car, or etc Phone Consultation is scheduled with Mr.

Raby, to cover technical aspects of the project Tentative written proposal with estimated costs included TBD based on tear down evaluation Mr. This is Mr. Raby accepts or denies the project, and executes the proposal for projects that we will accept.Added performance for street and track applications. Stage III Engines are full competition engines. In order to serve our clients better, we are changing our 1 form of direct communication to our new ticketing system thru the website!

This is very easy to use and is similar to normal e-mail, however it gives us the opportunity to better organize the flow of information between us and our clients. Traditional E-Mail will be phased out and we will no longer be utilizing it in the near future. Here at Flat 6 we offer extensive engine repairs, with a focus on engine internals.

Our internal repair services are offered to those across the USA, and deep into Canada. Born from Flat 6 Innovations, The Knowledge Gruppe offers specialized training for technicians and enthusiasts who have a desire to learn more about Porsche vehicles, and engines. Classes are based from both online and classroom environments. This unique method of progressing through the learning experience helps build confidence, while providing a more evenly trained group of hands- on class attendees.

Today we are very selective with the vehicles that we offer our IMS Solution services for. With our focus being primarily engine development, and building during the remainder of the year, these IMS Solution Clinics fill quickly, and are typically booked 6 months to 1 year in advance. Contact us for specific details, and schedule availability. Have a broken Porsche or failed engine? Want to sell it? Contact us for a quick quote.

flat 6 innovations rebuild cost

Due to the national, and international business, we found ourselves needing to offer affordable, and reliable long- distance transportation services for our customers.

Through collaboration with the P- Car shipping division of Specialty Vehicle Transport we have shipped over Porsche cars to, and from our facility. See www. It can cost less for a Californian to purchase an engine from us, than a Georgian, including the shipping charges!

This allows our team to focus on our tasks without constant interruption that comes from a public location. Our facility is located on family property, where I grew up working in our oldest shop space still in operation!

Our location is just miles from some of the best driving roads in the country, including the Tail of the Dragon, Blood Mountain and Richard Russell Scenic Highway. This property is where my ancestors made Moonshine and raised poultry from the turn of the 20th Century through the s. Most of the remnants of those days gone by are no longer present here, but they are part of a history that we are very proud of.

Here you may run across deer, squirrel, rabbits and other wildlife; but you or your Porsche will never be treated with anything less than the best in old fashioned professionalism and respect.Wear debris from the scored bores is very hard, and abrasive.

As the cylinders lose ring seal, due to the bore scoring, harmful fuel contaminates the oil as it bypasses the piston rings. This fuel enters the engine oil, thus reducing oil viscosity as it intrudes into the oil. Along with the fuel that bypasses the piston rings, is a dreadful mix of combustion byproducts, including trace amounts of carbon which will mix suspend with the engine oil, and be delivered to all internally lubricated components within the engine. Further, fuel contaminated oil then loses its ability to protect the engine components, further increasing wear throughout the engine, as well as the cylinders.

What you must understand is this condition will not get any better over time. Like anything mechanical, once wear begins it will accelerate. The amount of miles that your car has logged means nothing to this failure, as we have seen this occur with engines with less than 20, miles, and with engines as high asmiles. We actually see this failure occur to more low mileage cars, than high mileage cars, as the running clearances remain tighter, which actually adds to the condition.

See the photo gallery at the bottom of this page for photos of typical cylinder scoring failures.

flat 6 innovations rebuild cost

Note: If the engine is ran too long with this degree of damage, the scoring will lead to cylinder cracking, and ultimately a completely different level of failure. When the cylinder breaks mechanical damage is extensive, and collateral component damage is great.

The moral of this story is if you have the symptoms that I have listed in this article, the issue will not get any better without action being taken internally within the engine.

FACT: Since the beginning of our program, more than 15 years ago, our queue has been filled with engines that have suffered this mode of failure, exhibiting the symptoms below.

Over the last 5 years the numbers of bore scoring cylinder failures have quadrupled here, making cylinder bore scoring the 1 failure that leads to our services being sought out by Porsche owners. These failures are more often misdiagnosed than properly diagnosed, and can lead to lots of wasted money when the symptoms are mis- identified and local shops, or dealers just start replacing parts thinking that the issue is not mechanical.

As an example, almost every engine that comes to us today has been botched by a local shop in some way. Rather than conclusively determining the condition of the AOS with a testing regimen using a crankcase manometer reading, they simply throw a new part at the engine. Listening for the root of the noises the engine is making will clearly define this issue to those with an experienced, trained ear. This often fools those that perform this test, as they see nothing wrong.

These will more than likely show nothing is wrong with the engine! This fools the diagnostician that lacks direct experience with this failure, as it is counterintuitive. All this being said, normally shops do these tests for no other reason than to remove money from your wallet.

Save that money, and put it toward a Flat 6 Innovations engine reconstruction.All tickets are replied to within 24 hours, including those submitted after hours, on weekends, or holiday periods. If you have not received our reply within 24 hours, the problem IS your email. Tickets that are submitted without being categorized properly, will be closed, and deleted.

We will happily assist you for a nominal fee, paid in advance. In we abandoned conventional email in an effort to better communicate with our customers, and those interested in our services. The ticketing submission system was employed and has proven to be an effective means of offering fast, accurate responses to questions. This is very easy to use and is similar to normal e-mail, however it gives us the opportunity to better organize the flow of information between us and our clients.

We can keep communication threads open from an initial contact, all the way through the end of the project.

flat 6 innovations rebuild cost

We greatly value communication! Traditional E-Mail has been phased out and we will no longer be utilizing it in the future. You can access our system as a guest, but registered and logged in users get additional benefits:. Flat 6 Innovations offers turnkey complete upgraded engines for all six cylinder Porsche sports cars. We also offer preventative maintenance services, like IMS Solution retrofits. We also offer in-depth internal engine repairs. Yes, we prefer to receive full vehicles, extract the engine, and then reinstall it, then test it to perfection, following with a dyno session.

Yes, we have programs to support engines only. These are normally reserved for international purchasers, or those far, far away. If you opt for as Stocker, or Stage 1, the car may only be here for 3 weeks, if the engine that you ordered is in stock. No, Flat 6 Innovations does not sell any individual components.

All we have to sell are our engine packages, which are damn good. This is dependent upon the time of year the engine is ordered. No, we are not a one- stop shop. While we do offer technical consultations, and even online, and hands- on classes, these are not offered for free. Any technical consultation charges are refunded in, full if a paying customer for technical consultation buys an engine from our company. This does not include class attendees.

Yes, with some conditions.