This tutorial lists many common roof types, roughly in ascending order of complexity, and gives examples of each one. Wikipedia provides additional information and diagrams hereand from that page there are links to other articles with lots more reference images.

Please note that roof terminology is not rigidly defined. Usages vary from place to place, and from one architect or builder to another. One person may describe the alternative mansard roof design shown on these pages as a 'bonnet roof', for example, and this is understandable given the similarities between the two roof shapes.

Roof designs also vary, so that there may be no discernible difference between a 'hipped roof with a gable end' and a 'link dormer', or between one person's 'skillion roof' and another's 'shed roof'. Every element of every roof type may be adjusted, and most roof types can be combined in different ways, producing unlimited numbers of local variants. This roof type may also be referred to as a parapet roof, meaning a roof with a parapet a low protective wall around it.

Making a flat roof is trivial, but making a flat roof that looks real takes a little more effort.

minecraft factions roof art schematics

Take a leaf from the blacksmith's book from the village and add a border; that little extra effort greatly helps make this simple structure look more attractive. Always try to use different block types for a roof border.

Use slabs, as in the illustration, or backwards stairs, forming a gutter, or add a border of blank signs all the way round the building, or a parapet, thus making the roof area safe to use. The only thing you shouldn't do is to just use the same materials as for the rest of the building. If the design of a house offers easy access to an area of flat roof, that roof area may be paved so that it is useful as an outdoor living area.

Terraces may be large or small, covered or open, or a mixture of the two. A balcony may be very similar to some terrace designs, but it is not part of a roof, and the balcony may or may not have a roof covering over it; as a rule of thumb, the area under a balcony will also be outdoors, whereas the area under a terrace tends to be indoors. A shed or sloped roof is sloped in one direction only.

This design is rarely used as the main roof on inhabited buildings, although it may be seen on part of such a building. If it is a building's sole roof it is more likely to be found on cheap, simple or utilitarian buildings such as sheds, animal houses, outhouses or storage barns.

A gable roofalso known as a pitched or peaked roof, is an inverted 'V'. This roof design is common in the villages produced by Minecraft' s terrain generator, and is useful for small buildings. A building of this size integrates well with village buildings. A saltbox roof is a type of gable roof where one slope is much longer than the other.

Buildings with this roof type quite often have two stories at the front and one at the back; adding a lean-to back roof to an existing structure in this manner is a simple way to extend a building.

The front and back slopes of a saltbox roof may have the same pitch, but as the second picture shows this is not always the case. A clerestory window is a window too high to see out of which lets light in to a building. Hence clerestory roof is a generic term referring to a roof shaped to include clerestory windows. This roof shape may also be referred to as a half-monitor roof.

A hipped roof or hip roof is sloped in both directions.Please report any bugs, ideas or suggestions using the contact form. Schematics are in NBT format and are loosely based on the Indev level format. Download cool stuff created by other to add to your world, replicate your own creations anywhere you like, or share your own creations with others. Becoming a member of this site is, and will always be free. Membership involves lots of benefits:. In addition, many planned features to be added soon will only be available to registered members.

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So become a member today! It only takes seconds.Toggle navigation Autosaved. Home Spritecraft About. Download Spritecraft 1. Check out our podcast! Spritecraft Version 1. Features Convert any image into an image made of Minecraft blocks Supports jpg, png, and bmp Configure which blocks can be used, so expensive blocks like gold or diamond can be avoided Export to schematics for use in MCEdit or other tools Supports any texture pack, including HD Supports images as large as x Examples Click on any image to see a full-size view What's New?

Version 1. Spritecraft has moved from diamondpants. Same old Chris and Rob, brand new website. It's exactly like before but with more blocks! Slightly better layouts - They would be even better if Java swing didn't suck so bad for making GUIs. Yeah I said it. Now at the push of a button, you can turn that way-too-huge-to-build spritecraft image into a schematic which can be directly imported into a Minecraft world via MCEdit and other tools.

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minecraft factions roof art schematics

Update Notifications - Spritecraft will now tell you when there is a new version available. Are you excited? I know I'm excited! Spritecraft by www.This generator lets you import png, jpg and gif files and converts them into commands which create the image as a giant mural on your Minecraft map.

All this can be done without MCEdit or mods. The generator scans every pixel in the image and chooses the closest color match from the available blocks. The only software you may need is an image editor like Photoshop to create images. You need to consider how big the mural is going to be when it is placed in your map. This is important as a default Minecraft map has a maximum build height of If you build an mural at sea level 62this gives you about blocks high to work with.

You may need to scale resize your image first if it is too high. There is a feature that lets you scale the image. This generator attempts to slice the mural into sections as efficiently as possible. Images with fewer colors such as a logo can be created in fewer commands when compared to a photograph. If the image you have supplied exceeds the Command Block's maximum character limit of 32, The commands will be split into many sections and you will have to copy them into the command block one at a time.

This is explained later. The alpha channel in an image is what controls the transparency. This tool will treat an alpha value of 0 as totally transparent and no blocks will be placed. An alpha value of 1 or higher will not be considered as transparent and will be color matched with the most appropriate block.

To choose your blocks click the checkboxes from each of the groups that you wish to include. If there are any blocks that you want to exclude, just click them. They can be chosen again if you reselect the groups. You will see a large render of what the mural will look like with the chosen Minecraft blocks.

You can zoom in and out get an idea about what the mural may look like from a distance. Tip: If selecting 'All Blocks' you may wish to deselect the individual stained glass blocks. They tend to spoil the picture due to their transparency.Log in Register.

Spritecraft Version 1.1.6

New posts. Search forums. Search titles only. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Roof Art! Thread starter Emmymerh Start date Jun 1, Status Not open for further replies. Emmymerh Crusader. If you are participating in the forums event this is where your art will go! Otherwise, if you want, feel free to post your base roof art anytime you like! Would love to see what you all have come up with. Ryan Nobility.

Pirates Base 1 Roof Art:. Warmish Overlord. Ryan said:. Blue Explorer. Cloe Crusader. Stolen pixel art xd. Case Overlord. I take pride in designing this little 2x2 roof art by myself.

Narwhalbois Backpacker. How is everyone so good X. Novalutionx Peasant.A server with a factions plugin installed plays quite differently than most any other server. In factions servers, players team up to dominate the map. This can lead to some epic fights, as well as much fun.

However, players that are new or are simply uninformed can be quite befuddled by the different play-style as it adds several new mechanics. Often with people in enchanted diamond armor camping spawn, all blocks within a 10, block radius of spawn inhabited, and most of the resources within a 20, radius stripped bare, it's safe to say that your wooden boxes will not save you here, but never fear! With the right knowledge, and a little bit of luck, you too can create a dominant faction that can rule the map!

If so, sprint away as far as you can from those neighboring factions, or at least until they disappear from the faction map. The numbers represent, respectively, land claimed, current power, and max power. If the current power is 0 or negative, then you can claim over their land. If the land claimed is 0, then they have no territory though they still probably have some basic gear.

This isn't necessary for where or how far you want to go, but such information is always handy. Most servers also give players a set of stone tools although some give far more than that to start with. If they don't, then that server doesn't give any tools to beginners. No problem, you just have to do without. Ask people online about the largest factions normally the top 4 or 5 on the faction list and who is fighting who. Typically there will be a large conflict with the two largest factions, or a smaller faction who is determined they can take on the world and the other factions are united against them.

This info will prove useful later when you need to make allies, enemies, raid and conquer. Once you have information on the factions, as well as your set of starting tools, it's time to head out and find a good location for your base.


As long as you have a stable amount of food, sprinting won't be much of a problem. As you hike, make sure to do all of the following:. Once you have reached your recommended distance, it might be worth it to keep traveling depending on where you are and what your ambitions are.

minecraft factions roof art schematics

There are a few recommended setups you can go with listed below. Dinky wooden houses that you might build on singleplayer worlds or multiplayer servers won't cut it in the savage world of Factions PvP player vs playerand many a newcomer has been destroyed because of their lack of knowledge on proper base building. You have to be stealthy and fortified. Read the list below and see which one appeals to you and your location the most:.

It is suggested that you make a base that blends with the environment. Try to not use normal doors. Instead, use piston doors.

Also, don't use bright colors. Use white for areas with snow and for most other biomesuse grass or stone. No matter what your plan is, you're going to need flat land, and lots of it. Stone shovels are the best tool for clearing out tons of dirt, since they're quick, cheap, and easily replaceable.

Likewise, stone pickaxes are best for the odd clump of stone. First, dig out the perimeter of your base, then start digging in. Keep a lookout for hostile mobs or even other players that have tailed you - extreme distance is a good defense, but it's not infallible.


Also, make sure to plant that sapling, and use some bonemeal to grow it quicker if you have any bones. By the time this is done, you should have a ton of dirt leftover. If the server also has a shop plugin, great - all that dirt you dug up is probably worth a couple of diamonds.It is safe to say that it would be quite impossible to execute my sculptural designs without carefully planning each one.

Developing a detailed and accurate drawing is a key part of my planning process. During the development of a sculpture, the drawing functions both as a platform for refining the visual forms within the work and as a digital reference to calculate machining tolerances and plan logistics for the actual fabrication of the piece.

In pursuing that goal, the drawings have become a way to tell a story about each of the sculptures that they represent. The engineering of a work, the push and pull of aesthetic choices and logistical constraints is an integral part of what moves me as a sculptor.

However, it is an aspect of my work that is largely hidden from view in the finished piece. The drawings serve as a way to bridge the gap between the pure conception of the sculpture with the engineering and execution of the design. They illustrate the relationship between the impossible ideal and the workmanship that created the finished object.

It memorializes a part of what is fundamental to my way of thinking about art that might otherwise be lost. To read more on the evolution of the Drawings, click the link Here. As a further homage to the process my technical drawings were intended to explore, I thought an interesting process to experiment with, was a very old fashioned printing method called Diazo Printing.

While it has fallen out of wide spread use, Blueprint machines are still available, and I managed to find and restore one for use in making these prints. I thought it a very authentic way to realize some of my drawings in a physical form. MV Print. DQ Print.

Schematica Tutorial - Cactus Chunk - MineSaga

EP Print. NP Print. TB print.

minecraft factions roof art schematics

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